Throwing Resolutions Out the Window

ResolutionsIf your inbox looks anything like mine, it’s full of emails giving you ideas for New Year’s resolutions: fitness, health, business habits, etc, etc. It can be rather overwhelming. I get it … everyone wants a chance to start over, to make the new year better than the one before. It’s a physical and mental turning point that just begs for attention. But what if I don’t want to add a bunch of resolutions to my already full list of To Do’s? Who needs the extra stress? Not this gal!

I know a LOT of people for whom 2015 packed a wallop … and I wasn’t exempt. For me, 2015 was INTENSE … and awesome, and chaotic, and FUN, and productive, and it incurred a whole lot of growth. For starters, I got married, which was so much fun my face hurt for two weeks from all the smiling and laughing. I rebranded my business and learned tons along the way. And then before Thanksgiving my Mom ended up in the hospital (she’s home and doing great now!), and December brought me a persistent bout of bronchitis. Guess the Universe was trying to tell me it was time to slow down, huh? With that in mind, I threw any high-pressure New Year’s resolution ideas out the window.

And so, I have no grand, change-your-life, business, and relationship ideas to share with you for 2016. It’s not that I don’t have goals, I do, as I’m sure you do, too. But instead of bludgeoning myself with the New Year’s resolution stick, I want to cultivate a more nurturing attitude toward myself and others and task myself to pause in any given situation so I have time to choose the healthier, happier-making, and forward-moving decisions as often as possible — and I wish that for you, too.

Happy New Year! And may 2016 bring you joy, laughter, health, and prosperity!


Happy New Year!