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Do You Have Good UVP?

  Why Good UVP Matters UVP, otherwise known as Unique Value Proposition or Unique Selling Proposition, is a vital piece of being in business — it’s your golden egg. (But don’t get greedy like the guy in the fable! Just let it keep working for you!) It’s vital to any business in any industry. Why? Because when you attempt to be known for…

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How to Best Define Business Goals and Objectives

  Defining Business Goals = What Do You Want to Accomplish? When I first launched my business and began networking and taking clients, I was surprised to discover how many business owners hadn’t defined their business goals and objectives. They knew they wanted “success,” but they didn’t have a real definition of what that meant to them. As business owners, we all…

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Do You Have Brand Recognition?

  Brand Loyalty … How Passionate Are Your Fans? Brand recognition and loyalty abounds in our culture. Engage any professional sports fan in a conversation about their team and the fervor is apparent — especially if you love the opposing team! There are brands to which I am loyal, but I’m always amazed and slightly awed when a brand so captures the…

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