Testimonials for Deb's Speaking & Presentations

Deb’s unique, intuitive, and story-telling perspective sits on a sound foundation and background of a 20+ years creative and marketing communications career. This ensures informative, engaging, and fun talks and presentations. Download her Speaker Sheet.

When looking for a dynamic and smart webinar partner, I thought immediately of Deb Goeschel. As a speaker and presenter, I knew she would come through and she did. She knows her business! Her knowledge, coupled with approachability, made for an outstanding presentation.
Deb was a great speaker! She shared so much information in her timeslot, and I was taking more notes about what she said than any other speaker this weekend. Just amazing. I have some homework to do now that I've heard her speak!
Deb presented to our networking group on multiple occasions, and always with really great feedback. In addition to excellent communication skills, Deb prepares and delivers content that a non-marketing professional can understand and implement. She is approachable, knowledgeable, and has a wonderful sense of humor that encourages participants to engage and learn.
Deb's warm and relaxed presentation style, paired with her ability to communicate about brand messaging and marketing, make her an ideal speaker. She's knowledgeable but approachable, and handled followup questions with ease and authority. Highly recommended as a speaker.
Great presentation with easy to follow guidelines to start or revamp your brand. Deb's passion for what she does was evident.
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I had the pleasure of sitting in on a presentation Deb was giving on business marketing and how to plan ahead to make your life easier. Deb was very knowledgeable and made things easy to understand. For some of us that aren't quite "tech savvy", Deb made things very easy to follow. I have implemented many of her ideas/best practices and it has helped me in my business tremendously.

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