Websites: Strategy & Content

Custom, on-brand, on-target website copy content. From small websites to large, from Sales Landing pages to About pages, I’m committed to ensuring Message Artist clients’ sites have impact, make them stand out from competitors, and speak directly to their intended audiences.

Website strategy and content creation Message Artist

Website Assessment & Review

Not sure whether you need a full website rehaul or just a few tweaks? Or perhaps your site needs to work differently for your business than it did two years ago. I can go through your site and provide a full assessment and make strategic — and specific — suggestions for improvement.

Your Investment:

  • Starting at $699 (Cost is dependent on the size of the site and whether we include social platform(s) assessment.)

Single Web Page, About Page, & Bios

If you’ve launched a new program, product, or services and need just one page, we can take care of that. If you’ve added team members or feel your About page doesn’t accurately portray what you and your team bring to your customers, we can fix that.

Your Investment:

  • Single web pages start at $800.
  • Bios: $300-$600

Small Custom Website (3-5 pages):

Small sites can still have big impact! Choosing this option over a simple “landing page” style website provides you with multiple pages which means your site is better primed for SEO (search engine optimization) and has a solid foundation for future growth. Suggested pages can include: Home, About, Services/Product Offering, Contact

Your Time & Money Investment*:

  • One 60-minute interview, including establishing core brand messaging so all your copy is truly customized for YOUR business.
  • Additional emails and calls as needed.
  • 6-8 weeks which includes 3-4 drafts prior to final copy delivered.
  • $2,500 – $3,500

Standard Custom Website (7-10 pages):

This option allows for deeper customization and even more targeted messaging that fully supports your brand and offerings. Additional pages and adding a blog option further increase your SEO viability. Suggested pages can include: Home, Work with me, Services/Programs/Product Offering (with several product/service subpages), About, Workshops/Events, Contact, Testimonials, Calendar, Blog, Lead Generator, Resources).

Your Time & Money Investment*:

  • One 90-minute interview conducted by phone/zoom (may include up to 1-3 people in the meeting), including establishing and/or refining core messaging.
  • Additional emails and calls as needed.
  • 8-10 weeks which includes 3-5 drafts prior to final copy delivered.
  • $3,600 – $4,600

Large Custom Website (10+ pages):

10+ pages. Please contact Deb to discuss your needs so you may obtain a custom quote.

Your Time & Money Investment*:

  • 12+ weeks, including multiple interviews, as needed, and establishing and/or refining core messaging.
  • Starts at $4,800

*Please note: The pricing reflects strategy and content creation ONLY. Full website design and build will incur an additional $2000 – $6000, depending on site size and needs. I only partner with highly talented, skilled, and reliable web designers and developers who can deliver the level of quality and service I demand for my clients.

Deb is a true pro. She was the only copywriter we interviewed who wanted to start by figuring out how to differentiate us from our competitors. She insisted we needed to first define our company’s goals, vision, objectives, and create an ideal client profile. Her Messaging Intensive helped us discover that we weren’t clear on WHO we wanted to work with. She helped us get clear and ensure our new copy would attract the right customers. Having someone look at our business and content from an objective point of view was incredibly valuable. We’re so close to what we do every day that it’s hard to take a step back and see things with a fresh perspective and find — and fix — what might be off the mark. Deb spent time getting to know all the aspects of our business and found things we’d missed and got us back on track. And simply put, working with Deb is painless and easy! She is SO organized and detail-oriented. We knew exactly what to expect every step of the way. She’s also just a joy to work with because she’s relatable and easy to talk to. I’d highly recommend her for any of your marketing communication or website projects!

Donna Mavromates

Owner, MavroCreative