Branding: Messaging, Visual Identity, and Copy Content

Your brand is how you stand out and it’s dependent on your messaging. Your logo and “look” is only a piece — and it is informed directly by your messaging. If you’re a new business, or an existing business and want to freshen up your brand, or you need to completely rehaul it, I can help ensure that your dollars create a brand that speaks to your ideal customer.

Messaging Assessment:

If you feel like your brand messaging is good, but not great, or that you’re close but not quite hitting your target audience, this is a great way to get objective perspective on where you stand. You and I will have a conversation in which I’ll ask a lot of questions in order to learn where you think you’re right on or not, and identify your key brand messaging elements. I’ll then conduct a comprehensive review of your marketing materials (website, business social platforms, blog, and any printed materials you use) to determine if you are truly reflecting and supporting your business objectives and brand.

Investment: $860

The Art of Great Messaging Intensive:

This is the perfect solution for a new business, or one that wants to rebrand, or a business on the verge of an uplevel. Brand messaging lays the foundation for everything you do! My clients often walk out of their intensive telling me that they have greater clarity and understanding of what they want to achieve in their business. Amazing “ah ha!” moments can happen.

This intensive is a deep-dive, interview (done over several sessions) to establish:

  • Business name/tagline (if needed)
  • Goals & Objectives (business, client/customer,personal)
  • Vision & Mission
  • Unique Value Proposition (UVP)
  • Core Business Values (establishes culture)
  • Ideal Client/Customer Profile

After our intensive session, I’ll then create a core/brand messaging document that cogently captures your brand messaging and becomes a working guide for you, content writers, and brand designers. This is the raw content that guides the creation of any and all marketing materials, as well as internal processes, and decision making.

Investment: $2,400

Website Copy:

Dependent on site size and needs, your investment will vary, but any Messaging Intensive client receives a 15% discount on website copy (review Website Copy page for pricing.)

Visual Brand & Web Design:

Once you’ve gone through my Messaging Intensive, you’ll be ready to work with a designer. I can help project manage this process as well as provide access to one of the talented brand and web designers with whom I partner for “look & feel” (logo creation, color palette, fonts, and web design and build) that is in alignment with your messaging and core brand.

Your investment is dependent on the designer you choose, items needed, and whether you desire project management help.

My experience working with Deb was simply great. She found the best way for us to work together around my busy schedule, and took the time to truly get to know me and my business — its values and mission, as well as my staff. I love how easy it was! Although, for me, it was a large project (we were refreshing my 15-year-old brand, re-hauling my website, and refining my print marketing materials), I never felt stressed and it went very smoothly. Deb helped me take my business to a whole new level of professionalism and even saved me around $500 annually — a significant piece of my marketing budget. The new branding and materials she and her team created garnered me so many positive compliments, and it motivated my staff to share the new materials and website in their own marketing efforts.

Kerri Anderson

Founder/Owner, Healing in Harmony Wellness Center

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