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Retain Copywriting Services 

More Than Just Copywriting, You Get Research, Planning, and Strategy

I am not a typical copywriter — I dive deep and ask a LOT of questions. In order to produce the quality content I demand and my clients have come to expect, I must thoroughly get to know you and your business. Once I do, then I can create effective website copy and any additional marketing materials you require. Work with me and I …

  • Research your competitors.
  • Analyze your current materials.
  • Create a communication strategy that supports your goals.
  • Architect your website to ensure that the flow of content and the visitor’s actions are exactly what you need.
  • Create a production schedule so we all know what to expect and by when.
  • Write on-target, easy-to-absorb action-promoting copy that converts leads to customers/clients.
  • Deliver website copy written so it follows the foundation and basic rules of SEO* (search engine optimization.)
  • Work with your web designer — or mine — to ensure the build goes as smoothly as possible.

Transparency & Upfront Pricing

I’m passionate about transparency and equanimity in business. There are no mid-project surprises when you work with me. I’m honest and upfront in my pricing so you know exactly what you’ll receive for your investment of time and money.

Payment plans are available; contact me to learn more.+

*My copy is optimized to the best of my ability but please note, I am NOT an SEO expert.