Rebranding & New Messaging Brings New Clients to Wellness Center


An established 15-year old wellness center and spa wanted to continue to grow, yet it no longer was attracting new clients.

Creative Objectives

  1. Assess all digital and print marketing materials.
  2. Determine what were the best ways to represent the center’s brand.
  3. Create materials that highlighted the value, skills, and the high-expectation experience waiting for their clients to entice new clients to seek out the center and its services.
  4. Achieve a higher ROI for all marketing efforts and materials.

Process & Solutions

First, we identified four big marketing/branding problems:
DIY Visual Identity/Branding 

The owner had hired a young (aka “cheap”) designer to create her logo early in her business.  But, she never went back and updated that branding once she had more of a budget to work with.

A Very Old Website

Not just a matter of aesthetics, but also of security (she had an e-commerce component) and ease of use … there clearly was little to no strategy. 

Lack of Cohesive Brand Messaging in Website Copy Content

The copy on the website didn’t come close to reflecting the center’s brand and messaging. Even the service offerings descriptions weren’t that appealing. At the time, the center was primarily serving established customers (who’d figured out the gem this place was!), but they weren’t attracting NEW clients.

Costly Print Brochure

They had a 12 page, custom-sized print catalog brochure. Its custom size generated extra cost —  printing, special envelopes, and higher postage — but wasn’t generating the ROI to justify it.

Then, we proposed and executed the solutions needed to achieve the goals:

A Brand Messaging Session

We started at the beginning. The business had been around long enough that it had gone through several shifts, in both service offerings and philosophical approach and focus. We needed to re-establish the core elements of the Center’s messaging to ensure that the marketing materials we were going to create appealed to and engaged her ideal clients.

Visual Identity Refresh (a.k.a. Rebrand)

She still liked the concept at the center of her logo (hands holding a heart), but admitted the current iteration didn’t serve her well anymore. We talked about colors, concepts, and the “feel” she wanted the logo to evoke and the brand designer came up with a completely new look without losing the concept.

The center gained a more refined looking logo with colors that evoked peace, calm, and harmony to better reflect the brand message and the actual Center.

Included in the refresh were font changes (including dropping the outdated drop shadow!) which brought elegance while retaining the “nurturing and welcoming” tone she wanted.

Healing in Harmony OLD Logo
Healing in Harmony New logo
Website Redo

New Website Architecture & Design: Taking guidance from the refreshed and updated visual identity, the new site was designed to support the messaging and new content while acting as the “face” of the Center. The new site’s look and feel aligned with her refreshed brand and was a true representation of the actual Center’s experience.

Additionally, it was now up to date with security protection for any e-commerce transactions.

Copy Content: We rewrote the entire site’s content. From the home page to each individual service offering description. We added strategic CTAs to guide visitors through the site, ensuring they got the info they wanted while also encouraging them to take action by booking an appointment.

Healing in Harmony website screenshot
New Print Brochure

When we learned that 90% or better of gift cards sold were being purchased online, it was clear there was NO need for a 12 page printed catalog!

We streamlined copy and pared it down to a 3-fold size, which immediately brought cost savings for printing, envelopes, and postage.

The n ew brochure was easy to mail out to those who purchased the gift cards so they could include the brochure with the card when they gifted it.

Outcome & Benefits

  • Website traffic and engagement increased significantly and immediately.
  • Staff and existing clientele LOVED the new branding and website and were eager to share it providing vital word-of-mouth marketing.
  • The new 3-fold brochure worked phenomenally. Additionally, the cost savings expanded her marketing budget.
  • The wellness center has continued to grow and create name-brand recognition while serving both existing and NEW clients.

If you’re facing a rebrand (or any big content marketing project) and are wondering how you’re going to do it all, reach out and let’s have a conversation. Whether we help with one piece or the whole shebang, it all starts with a discovery call because you can’t plan or make the best educated decision if you’re lacking pieces of information.

Whether we help with one piece or the whole shebang, it all starts with a discovery call because you can’t plan or make the best educated decision if you’re lacking pieces of information.

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