Connect 24 Business Alliance Project:

Brand Messaging, Website Architecture, & Copy Content

Project Overview

The newly formed chamber organization needed brand messaging and new website copy, design, and build. 


  • Establish messaging and positioning so C24BA stood out amongst the other various local Chamber organizations
  • Create website architecture, copy content, and CTAs
  • Partner and collaborate with the web developer in order to produce an attractive, functional, and effective website that would serve the Chamber, its members, and the local business community

Solution & Deliverable*

Website Architecture & Copy

*Website Design by Kingsbury Web.

About the Client

Connect 24 Business Alliance (C24BA) was officially formed in early 2021 after both the Randolph and Stoughton Chamber of Commerce Board members agreed that a merger of the two Chambers was an idea that would garner many benefits for their collective members.

The combined knowledge, skills, and member businesses of the new C24BA can provide larger resources to their members, be a more effective advocate for them, and help connect members to the support that promotes growth. They want their members — and the surrounding community — to know that C24BA is a new, dynamic, and committed business development organization.

Connect 24 Business Alliance logo