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Websites: Strategy, Messaging, and Copy Content

We’re committed to always providing high-quality websites that are on-target, on-brand, and meet your goals — whether that is brand awareness, informing, selling, or converting. Our messaging and copy content can be found on the sites below.

Website Design

MACG collaborates closely with our excellent design partners to ensure that the design supports the brand messaging and content strategy to achieve the results our clients expect..

Working with Deb was amazing! I'm a former journalist and very fussy about the copy I needed for my new website. After 6 years of business, I wanted the new copy to represent my growth, but also the energy and Love behind it. I tried it with other two copywriters but felt I was doing all the work, which disappointed me. All that was gone when I hired Deb from Message Artist Creative Group. Her work got to me without any need for improvement. Basically a 10/10 copy every time she presented it. I thought it was going to be hard to find someone who would work with copy the way I do, but now I have Deb and I know her copy will translate exactly what I'm looking for. She went the extra mile, just like I do with my clients, and I'm so happy I found her work! Thank you so much Deb!!!

Digital Marketing: Blogs, Emails, and Press Releases

Digital Content Marketing is a great way to cultivate relationships and build trust with your prospective customers. It’s also an effective way to advance your name as an expert in your industry.

Print Collateral

In our digital world, there is still plenty of need for printed marketing pieces, from brochures and case studies, to sales sheets and business cards … and everything in between.

Branding: Logos & Visual Identity

Developing authentic brands for clients is a beloved service here at MACG. We LOVE helping companies develop — or refresh — their brands. We dive deep to truly get to know your business before we start designing logos, creating color palettes, or a brand guide. Here are a few examples of some of our branding projects.

"Deb was referred to me by my web designer and after reviewing her website and talking with her, I felt we would work well together — and we did! Throughout the process, I felt really listened to. Deb not only picked up my phrasing from our conversations, but she also beautifully and perfectly articulated how I think and what I do so my potential clients would fully understand. Although I’m a competent writer, I knew that having an expert write my website copy would create exactly what I wanted and needed for my site in much less time and with less stress. When I saw my work described in ways I couldn’t get to on my own, I could see how much more easily I would reach my ideal clients. Deb truly took the time to dive deep into my business and learn about me and it shows. I would highly recommend working with Deb!"

Work With Us

Work with Message Artist Creative Group and you’ll stand out, attract more ideal customers, and grow your business. Together, let’s fine tune your brand messaging and create content that reaches the audience you want and need.

Contact Deb to schedule a FREE 30-minute consult to learn more about how we can become your outsourced content marketing resource.