Marketing Messaging — the Foundation of Your Brand


What is Marketing Messaging? It’s the Foundation of Your Brand.

Marketing Messaging is the foundation of your brandMarketing messaging is the foundation of your brand and informs your all your marketing decisions and efforts.

Ideally, it comes BEFORE anything else gets created: Before your logo. Before your business cards. Before your website. Before creating promotional campaigns. Before you spend a dime or waste a minute on marketing that doesn’t deliver.

Let’s face it, the only reason any of us invest in marketing is to achieve our overall business goals.

That means the objective of marketing is to get the client/customer to take action: call you, download something, reply, rsvp, email, register, or purchase, etc. – ALL the things that keep you in business.


Why Does Marketing Messaging Matter to Me? Remember …

Consumers buy what has value to them. Ensure your marketing messaging speaks to your ideal clients.Your potential customer may be shopping for a new coffee-to-go cup or a massage therapist. It really doesn’t matter because what they’re truly shopping for is a solution.

Your job? Let them know how you are that solution. How? Your messaging!

Your customer leads need to know HOW you are going to solve their problem—which is all they care about at the end of the day. Subconsciously, they’re asking, “What’s in it for me?”

You can be the best at what you do, but if your potential clients don’t know exactly …

  • what you offer
  • why you’re unique
  • how you’ll provide the solution to their problem …

… By default, they’re likely to spend their money with someone else.

You want to make sure that everything you do marketing-wise answers their ‘what’s in it for me?’ question. How do you do that? Apply and refer to the key elements of messaging in all your marketing decisions and materials.


Key Elements of Messaging

  1. Goals & Objectives: What do you hope to achieve for your business? Financially? Personally? Socially?
  2. Core Values: Informs decision making, client/customer interaction, tactic creation, hiring & firing policies, and more. All employees and vendors need to know what you and your company stand for … this builds trust and loyalty.
  3. Mission Statement: Answers the questions, what do we do today? What is the benefit? For whom do we do it? Why do we do it? This is the guiding force for your internal team and will help you make decisions.
  4. Vision Statement: It’s an aspirational, long-term goal and should be simple, clear, and define your BIG WHY. This is where you want to be in the future.
  5. Ideal Client Profile: Ask, who gets you jazzed up? Who do you like to spend time with and/or work with? What problem of theirs are you solving? Then flesh out demographics.
  6. Unique Value Proposition: You may match a competitor in every way, but in at least one key way you need to excel. What is it about how you do business, create, innovate, deliver, or manage client/customer relations that is different?


Keep in mind that these aren’t linear — you’ll often find that once you work on one, you need to go back and tweak another. They are all interdependent. Once you identify and define these messaging elements, you’ll find it’s much easier to create marketing materials that resonate with your ideal clients and customers, making it easy for them to take action.

Contact me to create your marketing messaging and reach your ideal clients.Working on your own messaging can often be challenging, but don’t worry, that’s normal and expected. If you find yourself stuck, don’t stay stuck! Your business needs you to keep moving forward. Seek help from someone (might I suggest me?) who specializes in messaging and marketing communications. You’ll save oodles of time which equals money — that alone makes the investment worth it.

If you’re ready to DIY … over the next several weeks, I’ll break down these elements in upcoming blogs to help you identify and define your messaging so you are talking to the audience you want to reach.

And speaking of blogs, check out my Get Your Blog Done! monthly workshops.


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