Best Landing Page Builders

Best Landing Page Builders - Message Artist

I wrote about the WHY of landing pages recently and now want to provide you with a compiled list of resources. There are a LOT of options for creating landing pages. Depending on your hosting platform, you may be able to simply install a plugin and be on your merry landing page way. Other options are using […]

Ensure Your Social Presence Supports Your Brand

Ensure Your Social Presence Supports Your Brand - Message Artist

Whether we love it or hate it (or something in between) social media is a force with which we either choose to contend or not. Personally, I will admit I do have a love/hate relationship with most of it. But as a business owner, I can’t deny the power of social media to reach far […]

How to Use Your Blog to Create Social Posts

I’ve been talking and posting about blogs quite a bit lately, driving home the point that they are a valuable tool in your marketing toolbox. Today, I want to share some tips on how to use your blog posts to generate your social posts … that then drive folks back to your blog post (aka your website!) […]

5 Steps to Take Before Hiring a Website Designer & 2 Red Flags

5 Steps to Take Before Hiring a Website Designer & 2 Red Flags - Message Artist

I’ve been covering some of the basics involved in creating your visual brand and the foundations for your online marketing. I started with a post that outlined who does what when it comes to building your best website. Then in my last post, I covered what to look for when it’s time to hire a graphic designer so you […]

Is Your Brand Fully Baked?


Everyone in business has heard the words “brand,” “branding,” or “brand messaging” (I’ve certainly written about it before), but too often, the first (only?) thing that comes to mind are logos. We all know that a logo is an integral part of a business’ brand. It’s part of the visual brand that becomes the quick representation of […]

Who does What in Website Creation?

Who does What in Website Creation - Message Artist

We all know website are important to our businesses — they are often the first exposure a potential customer will have with you and your business. I’ve been talking a lot about websites recently, devoting my last two blog posts to websites. (“A Hard-Working Website: aka Website Fundamentals” and “Your About Page: It’s Not All […]

A Hard-Working Website: aka Website Fundamentals

A Hard-Working Website aka Website Fundamentals - Message Artist

Websites. The doors to all things on the internet. Sometimes they feel like they make the world go round. And in the world of business, it’s almost true. They’re certainly a crucial tool in our marketing toolbox. For me, I’ve always looked at websites as the online version of a brick and mortar store — […]

What is the Foundation of Your Brand?

Marketing Messaging is the foundation of your brand

Marketing Messaging, AKA the Foundation of Your Brand Marketing messaging, also known as brand messaging, is the foundation of your brand and informs your all your marketing decisions and efforts. Ideally, it comes BEFORE anything else gets created: Before your logo. Before your business cards. Before your website. Before creating promotional campaigns. Before you spend […]