How to Combat the Negative Impact of Sitting at a Desk

How to Combat the Negative Impact of Sitting at a Desk - Message Artist

How is your neck? Is your back stiff and/or sore? Are your hips hesitant to move when you stand from your desk? How is your overall body after working at your “home office?” If you find your answers are a little troubling, then this blog is PERFECT for you. We’re all struggling with too much […]

Emerge From Disruption with an Action Plan


Guest blog post from Liana Cassar of Cassar Consulting. What’s Your Plan? Eight weeks ago — a mere two months — we were still wearing parkas, hats, and gloves, concerned about possible snowfall and our late-winter life hummed along as usual. There was something called coronavirus impacting people elsewhere and news about it possibly reaching […]

Asking What To Do? Use the COVID Pause & Look Inside


Well, here we are. In a pandemic. Not something I really ever thought I’d be saying. Our reality is not what we’re used to. Not only is business as usual not an option, but for some, business at all may not be an option. There’s a lot of fear about what’s going to happen and […]