Why You Need a Content Strategy, a Content Plan, AND a Content Calendar

Content Strategy - Content Plan- Content Calendar

The thing about “marketing” is that it’s a word that covers a BROAD topic. There are SO MANY DIFFERENT tactics and actions that fall under “marketing” which can sometimes create a bit of confusion. A lot of people tend to use the same phrasing to refer to different things. For example, content marketing is a […]

Why It’s Worth Hiring a Copywriter

Hiring a copywriter content writer

Content writing is a constant need when running a business today. Blog posts, social media posts, newsletters, etc, all need to be updated regularly and you may be near the tipping point of trying to do it by yourself or keep it in-house. But you may also be wondering if it’s worth the investment to […]

What Is Content Marketing and How Is It Used?

Content Marketing - Message Artist Creative Group

Content Marketing vs Traditional Marketing It’s true that ALL marketing shares the goal of generating leads and sales. And that this is done by sharing a message to potential clients. So what’s the distinction between content marketing and traditional marketing? And why does it matter to you anyway? What matters for ALL businesses, and especially […]

DOs & DON’Ts When Updating Your Website

How to approach a website refresh project

It’s been a few years since you launched your website and you know it needs updating. But how do you approach a website update/refresh/rehaul? What are the necessities? Do you start with a web designer or a copywriter? These are questions that I get from clients all the time and I’m happy to answer them! […]

Right Speech and Your Brand Message


How Right On Is Your Messaging and Communications? I find myself revisiting my philosophical Yoga days. This has me contemplating the concept of Right Speech with all its implications and applications. (I wrote a blog a LONG time ago that talks about what Right Speech is and how to practice it even in social media. Check […]

6 Tips to Hire the Best Copywriter for You

Message Artist - 6 Tips to Hire the Best Copywriter for You

As copywriting is one of the cornerstone services Message Artist Creative Group provides, it was a bit of a shock to realize we’ve apparently never written a blog post about how to hire the best copywriter for you and your business! So, that’s getting fixed today. Just like when you start researching graphic designers and web designer/developers to help […]

10 Tips for Creating Subject Lines that Open Emails

10 Tips for Creating Subject Lines that Open Emails - Message Artist

I recently had a guest blogger talk about why email marketing wins when it comes to digital marketing strategy. And, of course, if email marketing is a part of your marketing strategy, then you must be looking at your subject lines. Subject lines can make or break your email campaign, so I want to provide you with […]

Ensure Your Social Presence Supports Your Brand


Whether we love it or hate it (or something in between) social media is a force with which we either choose to contend or not. Personally, I will admit I do have a love/hate relationship with most of it. But as a business owner, I can’t deny the power of social media to reach far […]

How to Use Your Blog to Create Social Posts


I’ve been talking and posting about blogs quite a bit lately, driving home the point that they are a valuable tool in your marketing toolbox. Today, I want to share some tips on how to use your blog posts to generate your social posts … that then drive folks back to your blog post (aka your website!) […]

Who does What in Website Creation?


We all know website are important to our businesses — they are often the first exposure a potential customer will have with you and your business. I’ve been talking a lot about websites recently, devoting my last two blog posts to websites. (“A Hard-Working Website: aka Website Fundamentals” and “Your About Page: It’s Not All […]