Why Email Marketing Wins


When it comes to digital marketing, there are a LOT of moving pieces. It can be really easy to feel overwhelmed really fast, especially if you’re not ready to outsource or hire employees to take care of all the various pieces. From websites and search optimization, to social media platforms and email marketing, to pay […]

Why Use Landing Pages?


As businesses become more data-driven, post-click landing pages have become increasingly more popular. Why? Because they have the ability to deliver a high ROI. Research shows that companies using 40 or more landing pages generate 120% more leads than those using less than 5. That may seem like a LOT, I know, but the bottom […]

Best Landing Page Builders


I wrote about the WHY of landing pages recently and now want to provide you with a compiled list of resources. There are a LOT of options for creating landing pages. Depending on your hosting platform, you may be able to simply install a plugin and be on your merry landing page way. Other options are using […]

9 Reasons LinkedIn Matters to Your Brand


In my last blog post, Ensure Your Social Presence Supports Your Brand, I talked about how to use social platforms to support your brand. Today, I want to talk specifically about why — even if you’re not on any other social platform — it’s important for your business or personal brand to have a LinkedIn profile. […]

5 Steps to Take Before Hiring a Website Designer & 2 Red Flags


I’ve been covering some of the basics involved in creating your visual brand and the foundations for your online marketing. I started with a post that outlined who does what when it comes to building your best website. Then in my last post, I covered what to look for when it’s time to hire a graphic designer so you […]

Hiring a Graphic Designer: How to Find Your Perfect Fit


When it comes to that perfect little black dress, or the custom-fitted suit, the perfect fit is literal. When it fits perfectly, we look and feel GREAT. But finding the perfect fit with the people who work on your brand is just as important. We know the right graphic designer is going to be a […]

Who does What in Website Creation?


We all know website are important to our businesses — they are often the first exposure a potential customer will have with you and your business. I’ve been talking a lot about websites recently, devoting my last two blog posts to websites. (“A Hard-Working Website: aka Website Fundamentals” and “Your About Page: It’s Not All […]

A Hard-Working Website: aka Website Fundamentals

A Hard-Working Website aka Website Fundamentals - Message Artist

Websites. The doors to all things on the internet. Sometimes they feel like they make the world go round. And in the world of business, it’s almost true. They’re certainly a crucial tool in our marketing toolbox. For me, I’ve always looked at websites as the online version of a brick and mortar store — […]

Emerge From Disruption with an Action Plan


Guest blog post from Liana Cassar of Cassar Consulting. What’s Your Plan? Eight weeks ago — a mere two months — we were still wearing parkas, hats, and gloves, concerned about possible snowfall and our late-winter life hummed along as usual. There was something called coronavirus impacting people elsewhere and news about it possibly reaching […]

Asking What To Do? Use the COVID Pause & Look Inside


Well, here we are. In a pandemic. Not something I really ever thought I’d be saying. Our reality is not what we’re used to. Not only is business as usual not an option, but for some, business at all may not be an option. There’s a lot of fear about what’s going to happen and […]