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♫ Summertime, and the business is … hard? ♫

  The summer season can be challenging for a lot of businesses — school vacation, family vacations, kid summer activities all pull on your customers’ and clients’ limited attention spans. Other businesses are dealing with employees vacations and will use the slower summer months to prepare for their own busy fall and holiday season. Either way, people are distracted and it can…

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Entrepreneurs! Create Your Entrepreneurial Support Team

  When You Have to Wear a Lot (ALL) of the Hats! When you’re an entrepreneur the question of who we spend our time with and who we delegate tasks to is crucial. We have all experienced working with a challenging or negative coworker, employee, or vendor. It makes the experience pretty miserable and a LOT harder than it needs to be. If…

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When Your Schedule Makes You Say … AAGGHH!

  Schedule? Everyone I know struggles with managing all the business and personal tasks, chores, and responsibilities that pile up on a daily basis. When you’re an entrepreneur, that situation becomes an increasingly acute, persistent issue because initially our business requires we step into multiple roles — many of which we’re simply not qualified to do. We have to do everything from marketing to sales…

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