Show Me The Love!

  We all launch our businesses with the idea of sharing something we love, be it a product, program, or service. And once we do, many entrepreneurs feel like they’ve been sucker punched when they realize that there are parts of running a business that they not only dislike, but they truly hate. And being human, we all too often get fixated…

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When Your Schedule Makes You Say … AAGGHH!

  Schedule? Everyone I know struggles with managing all the business and personal tasks, chores, and responsibilities that pile up on a daily basis. When you’re an entrepreneur, that situation becomes an increasingly acute, persistent issue because initially our business requires we step into multiple roles — many of which we’re simply not qualified to do. We have to do everything from marketing to sales…

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Do You Have Brand Recognition?

  Brand Loyalty … How Passionate Are Your Fans? Brand recognition and loyalty abounds in our culture. Engage any professional sports fan in a conversation about their team and the fervor is apparent — especially if you love the opposing team! There are brands to which I am loyal, but I’m always amazed and slightly awed when a brand so captures the…

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Are You Really Talking to Your Ideal Client?

  One of the key components of your marketing is your messaging. And one of the key components of your messaging is knowing who your ideal client actually is. A common mistake made by small business owners is trying to reach everybody, but everybody is NOT your client. If you think they are, you’re deluding yourself — and your business will suffer….

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Inconceivable! You keep using that word …

  Are You Saying What You Think You’re Saying? You’ve spent valuable time and money preparing. You’ve got your website, business cards, brochures, social pages … and somehow, you aren’t getting the results you want and need. Why? There are several key factors that go into successful marketing materials and campaigns that can influence outcome, but a crucial factor is your messaging. This…

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How Important is Self-Care to You?

  My mentor, Dr. Kate, with whom I worked when I first launched my business and continued working with in my first couple years, once asked me, “How much do you care? Do you care enough to made a radical change?” in response to my seemingly never-ending complaints about how things at work were going and how it was negatively effecting every other aspect…

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Resolutions? No. Goals? YES!!!

  The last email I sent out talked about not bludgeoning ourselves with New Year’s Resolutions that will quickly have us feeling like failures. That said, it’s smart to set personal and professional goals for ourselves for the year. It helps us have a plan — detailed or general — for how we want our year to go or identify particular challenges we…

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Don’t bludgeon yourself with the New Year’s resolution stick!

Throwing Resolutions Out the Window If your inbox looks anything like mine, it’s full of emails giving you ideas for New Year’s resolutions: fitness, health, business habits, etc, etc. It can be rather overwhelming. I get it … everyone wants a chance to start over, to make the new year better than the one before. It’s a physical and mental turning point that just…

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