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The What, Why, and How of Building Brand Authenticity

Your brand is multidimensional. You share and your customers take in: its vibe and voice, logo and look, your mission and core values. When we talk about building an authentic brand, we’re going deeper into developing the relationship between you/your business and your audience. Read on to learn all the details of what, why, and how! What is brand authenticity? The concept is straightforward: it’s being honest, transparent, and trustworthy with your brand.  Delivering on

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Oursource Marketing Grow Your Business

What Is Fractional Marketing & Why Is It Trending Now?

Fractional marketing may sound like complicated business terminology, but it simply means you contract out marketing experts for a fraction of work/time. It’s a popular marketing solution accelerated in these Covid years with marketing budgets and personnel resources squeezed more than usual. This concept means that any size business can access top marketing talent without having to pay salary and benefits for in-house staff. While many small- and mid-size businesses (as defined by the Small

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Hiring a copywriter content writer

Why It’s Worth Hiring a Copywriter

Content writing is a constant need when running a business today. Blog posts, social media posts, newsletters, etc, all need to be updated regularly and you may be near the tipping point of trying to do it by yourself or keep it in-house. But you may also be wondering if it’s worth the investment to hire a copywriter. To help you determine if it is time to outsource some (or all!) of your content writing,

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Why Blog Message Artist Creative Group

Why Does a Business Need to Blog?

You’ve got your website, you’re on social media, why do you need a blog, too?  Because a blog provides SO MANY OPPORTUNITIES to connect with your customers/clients and achieve your business goals. Blogs have come a long way. They are now an important content marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes. When executed with purpose and strategy, a blog will achieve the main benefits of content marketing: providing value, developing long-term relationships (trust!), and guiding

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Content Marketing - Message Artist Creative Group

What Is Content Marketing and How Is It Used?

Content Marketing vs Traditional Marketing It’s true that ALL marketing shares the goal of generating leads and sales. And that this is done by sharing a message to potential clients. So what’s the distinction between content marketing and traditional marketing? And why does it matter to you anyway? What matters for ALL businesses, and especially for businesses with smaller budgets, is HOW you use your marketing resources (time and money) to get a return on

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How to approach a website refresh project

DOs & DON’Ts When Updating Your Website

It’s been a few years since you launched your website and you know it needs updating. But how do you approach a website update/refresh/rehaul? What are the necessities? Do you start with a web designer or a copywriter? These are questions that I get from clients all the time and I’m happy to answer them! To keep it simple, I’ve got a list of Dos and Don’ts to get you started.  DO Start by Revisiting

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