Is your lead magnet attracting new leads

Is Your Lead Magnet Attracting New Leads?

If you are an established business owner or marketing manager, you no doubt know what a lead magnet is. If you’re new to business ownership and/or marketing, it’s important for you to learn what it is and get one (or more!) in place. But so we’re all on the same page, let’s start with the definition: A lead magnet (aka “freebie”) is a free resource and marketing tool that attracts potential customers and prompts them

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Assess your marketing strategy and efforts

Assess Your 2022 Marketing Strategy

Ask yourself, did your marketing strategies and efforts pay off this year? Did they bring you more and new customers and good a return on your investment (ROI)? You can’t create the RIGHT marketing plan for next year UNTIL you assess the effectiveness of this year’s strategies. Does Your Marketing Measure Up? The way to assess your marketing strategies begins with you running your reports, reviewing your data, and asking these basic questions:  Assess ALL

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Content Strategy - Content Plan- Content Calendar

Why You Need a Content Strategy, a Content Plan, AND a Content Calendar

The thing about “marketing” is that it’s a word that covers a BROAD topic. There are SO MANY DIFFERENT tactics and actions that fall under “marketing” which can sometimes create a bit of confusion. A lot of people tend to use the same phrasing to refer to different things. For example, content marketing is a type of marketing, but not all marketing is content marketing! When it comes to doing content marketing right, you need

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is your content marketing working

Is Your Content Marketing Working? Here’s How to Tell.

Is your content marketing REALLY working? This is a big question because content marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s not just about increased sales. You may be looking to build brand awareness through your social media and/or to gain subscribers to your blog. The key is to have a marketing strategy for creating specific goals (that align with your business goals) and then to assess those SAME goals. When you have clear and measurable goals

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Brand Messaging - What it is and why it matters

Brand Messaging: What It Is and Why It Matters

What Is Brand Messaging? Brand messaging is the way your brand “talks” to your target audience. It tells your brand story … why your brand matters, what your values are, and what sets you apart from your competitors. Brand messaging is most effective when it’s simple, clear, and aligned with the goals and needs of your ideal customer. Your brand messaging lets your clients and leads know HOW your product or service will be the

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How authentic is your brand - Message Artist Creative Group

The What, Why, and How of Building Brand Authenticity

Your brand is multidimensional. You share and your customers take in: its vibe and voice, logo and look, your mission and core values. When we talk about building an authentic brand, we’re going deeper into developing the relationship between you/your business and your audience. Read on to learn all the details of what, why, and how! What is brand authenticity? The concept is straightforward: it’s being honest, transparent, and trustworthy with your brand.  Delivering on

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